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Critical to the smooth running of your vehicle, your battery is the essential component part. It starts your engine and also offer back up system to car electronics. If your battery is playing up, you will know about it. You can always try a jump start but if that fails, you’ll need a skilled person to look at it to find the root cause of the problem or change it.

Modern cars are chock full of electronics and sensors. And putting these problems right is definitely a pro job. We have state of the art diagnosis equipment that can detect issues across your electronics network. Our experience team is used to working with a variety of cars at high volume so have developed expert knowledge across manufacturers.

Prices for repair vary depending on the issue, so please call us to book your car in. We will take a good look at your batteries and electronics, assess the issue and come back to you with a quote before starting any remedial work.

car battery and electronics being tested at alpha garage

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