Brakes & Exhaust

Brakes & Exhaust

Brake Fitting

Occasionally you may notice slight changes to your brakes such as squeaking or a difference to the pressure you need to apply to the pedal. Or the break light may appear on your dashboard. It’s really important you don’t ignore these warning signs. Call us and book your car in as soon as possible.

We will run full tests to diagnose the issue and will then rectify the problem. Changes to the sound of your brakes could indicate a warped disc, wear to pads and changes in responsiveness could be indicative of more serious problems like air in the lines. We don’t need to over-stress the importance of effective brakes, so please call us if you are in doubt, we can take a look, rectify and put your mind at rest.

Exhaust Fitting

If you notice excessive fumes coming from your exhaust, or a change to its appearance, hanging lower than usual, damage or notice a different noise while your driving, you need to get your exhaust

You need to have an exhaust or catalytic converter that performs well to ensure your car emissions are within permissible levels.

Prices vary according to the issue, your model of car and the type of component part needed. If you call us on 0151 487 8158 and book your vehicle in we will be happy to take a look and give you a quote.

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