Clutch & Gearbox

Clutch & Gearbox

If you have a problem with your clutch or gearbox it’s likely you already know about it. Symptoms can include: overall poor function e.g. racing engine and slow movement, grinding, squeaking or shaking when you press the pedals or try to change gear, difficulty shifting the gear stick into position and even a burning smell. All these symptoms can indicate that your clutch or gearbox is in need of attention.

The skilled mechanics at Alpha Garage have experience across a huge variety of cars and have encountered probably every problem you can have with a clutch or a gearbox. They are fully familiar with keeping our fleet of taxis in top working order and these are cars that spend a lot of hours on the road.

Our team will diagnose the issue and then discuss the best course of action with you.

To keep both clutch and gearbox in good working order the RAC has some tips on what to avoid. Perhaps surprisingly, common habits we all have like resting a hand on the gearstick and waiting at traffic lights while in gear can all affect functionality. For more information, here is the full article.

Prices for repair vary depending on the issue, so please call us to book your car in. We will take a look and come back to you with a quote before starting any remedial work.

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