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MOT Test from just £35

Your Ministry of Transport or MOT Test is a legal requirement which demonstrates that your car is roadworthy and safe, with its emissions within the permissible range.Remember that there is no grace period once your MOT expires and you cannot tax a vehicle without a valid MOT certificate. This means you could end up driving illegally, risking prosecution.

You can avoid missing your MOT by signing up for a free MOT Test Reminder via the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

You’ll get your first reminder a month ahead of expiry and then a second reminder a fortnight before the MOT expires.

When your MOT is due, call us on 0151 487 8158 and book your vehicle in.

MOT test taking place at alpha garage

Taxi MOT from just £40

We offer a Taxi MOT for Liverpool City Council licence holders.

To book, please call us on 0151 487 8158 or use the booking form.

The MOT test comprises a thorough check of numerous car parts. This list shows some of the areas we inspect and is not exhaustive:

  • Brakes. Perhaps the most safety-critical of all car parts. The check examines that the pedal rubber is intact, that ABS is working effectively (if applicable), all component parts: pads, callipers, discs and there will be further under the bonnet checks too.
  • Seats / Seatbelts. Must be in full working condition. You don’t legally need seatbelts for cars made before 1965, but it is strongly advised that you do.
  • Wheels and Tyres. Strict guidelines apply to tread depth. If your tyres are approaching the threshold, we will issue an advisory waring to replace them.
  • Windows and Mirrors. All must be in good condition. Some wear and tear is permitted but there are strict guidelines so any chips or cracks will be measured for compliance.
  • Windscreen Wipers. Must be working with rubber in good repair.
  • Steering. It goes without saying that this check is essential. The wheel, column and all component parts will be checked.
  • Doors, Bonnet and Boot. Anything that can be opened will be tested.
  • Bodywork. Needs to be in good condition without sharp edges that could potentially cause injury. Corrosion and rust also come under scrutiny.
  • Lights. One of the major causes for failure of an MOT. All lights will be checked as a matter of course.
  • VIN. Your vehicles unique identification number Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) will also be verified.

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