Tyres, Wheels & Tracking

Tyres, Wheels & Tracking

It goes without saying that having your tyres, wheels and tracking in top working condition are all essential for safe driving. Hitting potholes, driving too fast over speed bumps, half parking on kerbs and simple wear and tear can all take their toll.

We check your tyres as part of an Alpha Garage service and of course the checks form part your MOT. You may notice your car pulling to one side whilst driving or even some uneven wear on the tread of your tyres. This could indicate a problem with the tracking or alignment of your wheels. Tracking problems decrease wheel grip and also produce uneven wear and tear on the tyres themselves.

We use specialist tracking equipment to re-adjust your wheels to the manufacturer’s specification, making your driving safer, easier on your tyres and easier on your steering.

Prices for repair vary depending on the issue, so please call us to book your car in. We will take a look and come back to you with a quote before starting any remedial work.

tyre tracking being tested at alpha garage

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